Announcing Hijacked Prefixes

Serverion is a dedicated server and colocation provider and uses a lot of leased IP Prefixes. As Serverion uses over 40 brokers to get these prefixes, Serverion started to rent prefixes from BBACloud.com for their customers.

BBACloud provided invoices and LOA’s for these prefixes as they are all paid up front like Serverion always does with their IP brokers. Without knowing, the prefixes which are leased were not allowed to be leased out by BBACloud and seemed to be unused Legacy prefixes.

As soon as Serverion received a complaint about using these prefixes, all announcements were instantly dropped. Serverion has swapped IP’s for her customers and is investigating what to with the paid invoices of BBACloud. Spamhaus has picked up the hijacked ranges and Spamhaus is informed the announcements were dropped the same day as we were notified.