LSIX Issues

Due to the cancellation of an old fiber connection between Zoetermeer and Rotterdam, Serverion has temporarily set up a new transit provider NCRYPTD to cover 40G-50G of traffic.

When we started using the new transit NCRYPTD, NCRYPTD received all routes from Serverion’s routers, including those from LSIX. Over this transit provider, completely by accident, all routes are released, unfiltered and also the prefix of LSIX, which caused problems at LSIX.

When the route leak of this /24 was discovered, we immediately fixed the policy error on the redundanted router setup to solve the issue permanently and was therefore resolved within 10 minutes.

This does not alter the fact that we deeply regret this technical screwup and have therefore apologized to LSIX.

Due to the fact that the owner of Serverion and the owner of LSIX have known each other personally for more than 20 years, there has been several contact moments and there are no problems between these parties.

However, Serverion had already terminated the contract with LSIX on 13/12/2022, however, on request of the owner of LSIX, Serverion stayed a little longer. As a result of these events, Serverion and LSIX have jointly decided on 24/01/2023 to close the port, in particular to ensure that LSIX regains trust with its members.