What is a dedicated server and what are the pros and cons?

A dedicated server for your webshop? Choose a dedicated server from Severion, fast and reliable.

How do I know if a dedicated server is for me?

You may have already heard of the concept: dedicated server. But what does it actually mean and what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a physical hardware server at a data center on which only your software runs. You have this server fully available. You do not share this with other people and you get your own processors, RAM and hard drives.

A dedicated server depends on a data center that is equipped with emergency power so that the server always has power and internet connections.

A dedicated server has many interesting advantages. So you always have more computing power available than with shared hosting or VPS and no inconvenience from other users. The latter also limits the security risks that poorly built software from others entails. A dedicated server has a higher availability due to better redundancy. You also benefit from a faster server response time, so your website is loaded faster.

In addition to the benefits, there are also a few minuses. The biggest downside is that the server is more expensive than shared hosting. Especially people with a low budget think this is quite pricey. Another downside is that it is less good for the environment. If you think sustainable business is important, this is a disadvantage.

Not everyone needs a dedicated server for a website. Do you have a website for the swimming club where no more than one hundred visitors come every month? Then Shared hosting or a VPS is more than enough for you. However, if you have a successful web store that must be available 24/7, you can certainly take advantage of a dedicated server. You achieve a higher performance for your web store because you have more computing power and do not have to share the server with others. A higher performance means an increase in the number of search results in Google with more revenue as a result. Moreover, the consumer has a pleasant experience because he does not have to wait too long for the website to load. This will increase customer satisfaction.

The choice for a dedicated server is not just one, two, three. If you want to know if a dedicated server is for you, weigh the pros and cons against each other. Because the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, you can opt for a dedicated server at Serverion.

With different data centers throughout the world, you choose the data location where you want. The fully perforated front and rear doors of our centers ensure optimum cooling of the servers. Our network independent data centers have access to Internet Exchanges. The UPS infrastructure offers 97 percent efficient redundancy and is equipped with Diesel backup generators. In addition, all our data centers have redundant cooling solutions, the Cold Corridors and blind plates provide optimum airflow. There are redundant fiber connections between our data centers. We offer 100 percent uptime guarantees and the technicians and our support team are available 24/7.

If in doubt, please contact us. We are happy to talk to you about the best choice in your situation and we will be happy to give you more information about the different data centers.

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