Magento hosting with unlimited functions for top store performance

The cost of an e-commerce website with a Magento hosting

Magento is today’s most popular shopping cart. It offers entrepreneurs an open source platform with which they can sell products. Magento hosting is continuously improved making this platform one of the best choices for both starting and advanced entrepreneurs. Magento hosting can be taken as a true “legend” within the world of e-commerce. Magento is the most renowned and used e-commerce platform with a market share of no less than 31%. With the advent of the internet it becomes possible to reach customers all over the world, making e-commerce site popular. To host Magento, a hosting service must have unlimited functions. If you are just starting out, you better opt for shared hosting or simple services and upgrade later.

Magento has two editions, the Enterprise edition and the Community edition. The Interprise Edition is a paid, customized solution that offers higher performance for fast-growing e-commerce companies. It provides access to expert support and offers hundreds of extensions and functions for your webshop. The Community edition is free and more intended for small businesses that want to hire a web designer themselves. This edition of Magento offers open source software with which you have access to all basic functions such as adding product categories, user groups, discount coupons etc. In addition, with the community edition you also have access to support and useful functions such as multi-store, up-sells and cross sells. If you want top store performance and a fast-growing e-commerce company, then Magento hosting is the best platform that is offered.

The answer to the question whether Magento is free yes, the free open source software program is available for free as well as for a paid version. During the initial phase of your e-commerce business you can switch to the paid version when this need increases. The cost for Magento hosting passed on an open source website varies and is strongly influenced by the type of hosting that you choose. The costs for unmanaged Magento hosting start at a price of $ 10 and can go up to $ 250 per month. The cost of a managed Magento hosting starts at around a $ 190 a month.

For web shops developed on Magento Commerce, the price for managed Magento hosting starts from $ 500 per month for dedicated service and support. The Magento Commerce Cloud version is hosted in the cloud. The license is already included in the hosting costs.

Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud offer advanced function suitable for sellers with a large turnover. The costs for using these functions depend on the gross turnover. The license fee for a paid version of Magento starts at $ 22,000 and can go up to as much as $ 190,000 a year. We are therefore talking about sellers with a turnover of $ 25 million.

Starting an e-commerce company and webshop is a challenging and big step. If you make the right choices such as a Magento hosting these can yield big profits. During the initial phase of your online e-commerce business, the most important choice you should make is to choose a good Magento hosting plan. If you choose Magento as the platform for your webshop then choose a choice that fits your wishes and needs, then start Serverion today for a Magento hosting on fast SSD servers and top support.

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