What should you take into account when choosing WordPress hosting?

Your choice in WordPress hosting is more important than you think!

You need WordPress hosting to start a WordPress website. A hosting provider stores all data from your website. That is why choosing a WordPress hosting provider is one of the most important decisions you make when you want to start a WordPress website.

With the amount of available WordPress hosting providers on the market, it can be very difficult to choose the right one. What questions do you need to ask yourself before purchasing a hosting provider? Choosing the wrong hosting provider can cost you your success. There are free hosting providers on the market that you can best avoid. They often place advertisements for your website and can take your website offline at any time.

Hereby we have listed all the factors for you that must be decisive in your choice for a WordPress hosting provider that gives the best results.

1. Support:
You will have to deal with the support department of your WordPress hosting provider when you encounter technical problems. In such situations you must be able to count on your hosting provider. Also pay attention to the resources that the hosting provider offers to solve your problem yourself, such as a good FAQ section or a chatbot.

2. Speed:
The loading speed of your website is crucial. Your visitors don’t like to wait for a page that has to load for a long time. You lose visitors when your website is slow. Slowness is really the death blow for a website. According to research, more than half of website visitors leave a website if it does not load within 3 seconds. You can, for example, measure the speed of your website with the Google Speed ​​Tool.

3. Uptime guarantee:
Of course you want the assurance that your website is online at all times. That is why the uptime guarantee that your WordPress hosting provider offers is an important point to watch out for. Of course you want to prevent that your website suddenly goes offline at certain times without notification.

4. Reliability:
Make sure that the hosting provider of your choice is reliable. If problems arise and you cannot count on the customer support of your provider, then this is not the provider you want to work with.

5. Security:
Websites are often hacked. This is of course something that you want to prevent. A good WordPress hosting provider guarantees you absolute certainty with regard to the safety of your site. They offer security measures such as encryption technology. Your visitors are also sure that their personal information is safe when they visit your website.

6. Good user references:
Do you especially look for reference from other users. Good reviews are a sign of the quality of the WordPress hosting provider. Also look at the hosting providers that other larger WordPress sites use.

7. Future-oriented:
If you expect to have to expand your website in the future, then it is certainly wise to check which options a WordPress hosting provider offers. What solutions are available when the time comes? The best thing is of course to be able to stay with the same host when you are successful.

8. Control panel:
Also note that the WordPress hosting provider uses an easy-to-use control panel, such as cPanel. As you can see, choosing the right WordPress hosting provider involves quite a bit, but if you follow the above points, you are sure that you will choose the right hosting provider that you will enjoy years later.

All the factors that you can expect from WordPress hosting.

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