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SIDN Registrar

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Serverion is your reliable partner for .nl domain registrations. Check below if your desired .nl domain name is available. Then you can register your domain name today. You can register your .nl domain registration quickly and it will be online within minutes.

DBS (Domainname Surveillance Service)

Your brand name and reputation are an important good that you want to protect optimally. Today, protection is not only necessary offline, but especially online. In collaboration with SIDN, Serverion offers the Domain Name Surveillance Service (DBS).

Why DBS?
Suppose you have recently started a business. You have registered a good, catchy brand name and a matching domain name. You think nobody can take it away from you anymore. However, if your domain name is not guarded, third parties can abuse the reliability of your brand. This form of abuse can damage the reliability of your brand and often forms the start of phishing attacks, where (personal) data is confiscated via a fake website.

What is DBS?
Domain name monitoring service (DBS) helps you to monitor domain name registrations that closely resemble your brand name. DBS is a monitoring service with the aim of detecting typosquatting and trademark infringement on the internet. Typosquatting is a form of internet abuse based on the fact that internet users sometimes make mistakes when typing in a website or email address. DBS uses a direct link to the database of all .nl domain names, so that all .nl typosquats around your brand name are checked in real time.

.NL Control

With .nl Control you protect your .nl domain name against fraud and theft. You prevent your domain name from being canceled, changed or linked. All changes requested for your domain name are checked extra. The authorized person must give his approval before the change is implemented.

Which changes are involved?
Change of (contact) data domain name: the holder, administrative and technical contact person.
Change of domain name nameserver (s).
Change of domain name DNSSEC key material.
Relocation or cancellation of domain name
Change of the glue records of the in-zone name server (optional).

How does .nl Control work?
A domain name with .nl Control has the status limited. This status means that we check all requests for changes.

Do you want to make a change to your domain name? You can submit the request for this to Serverion. However, the request will not be executed immediately, but will be checked by the SIDN. In addition to a telephone agreement, SIDN will also ask for written proof, including a detailed description.

What does NL Control cost?
The costs of .nl Control are € 4.99 per month, per domain. Request .nl Control via the contact form or when registering a .NL domainname. Also state your company and domain name.
We will send you a registration form as soon as possible by e-mail where you authorize someone. For example yourself.
You then send us the form and a Chamber of Commerce extract (companies) or Copy ID proof (natural person). If everything is correct, we will send the documents to SIDN. SIDN will call you to check whether the request is correct. After this, your domain name will be given the status limited.

When does .nl Control stop?
.nl Control stops automatically when you cancel your domain name or when you transfer your domain name to another holder. You can stop .nl Control yourself via your registrar. Your registrar has a form for this.

Dropcatching .NL

With .nl domain names, the whois information can be used to request the time at which the domain name is released. The SIDN releases the domain name within 1 hour after the specified time. Our Drop catch method means that a very high frequency is checked to see whether the domain name has already been released, and if so, an attempt is made to register the domain name very quickly. Certainly with popular domain names where multiple parties want the domain name, it can be difficult to register.

Extra costs for registering a .nl domain name when released from quarantine are: € 10. In addition to these drop catch costs, the usual domain registration costs are also due. No costs are charged if the domain name cannot be registered.

.NL Additional Information

Dutch domain name: .nl

With a market share of 70% in the Netherlands, the .nl domain name is one of the most popular country domain names in the world. In recent years the number of domain registrations of Dutch .nl domain names has increased considerably. This is partly due to the fact that since 2003, in addition to companies and institutions, private individuals can also register a .nl domain name. You can arrange a .nl domain registration quickly and easily at Serverion.

Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland (SIDN)

Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland  (SIDN) is the issuer, also known as the registry, of Dutch .nl domain names. The main task of SIDN is to manage the issuance of domains with the .nl extension. A .nl domain name can be registered via a registrar, a provider that is affiliated with SIDN and is authorized to register Dutch domain names with SIDN. Serverion is the official registrar for .nl domain names and the right party to safely and quickly complete your .nl domain registration.

​Conditions .nl domain name

If you want to request a .nl domain name, you must take into account a number of rules from SIDN. For example, the .nl domain name must not conflict with public order or public morality. In addition, SIDN has determined that a .nl domain can consist of numbers, letters and the minus sign, whereby the minus sign can only be between 2 letters and / or numbers. Finally, a maximum of the length of a .nl domain name has been set; 63 characters. On the SIDN website you can read more about .nl domain registrations, you can extensively check the WHOIS information of a .nl domain name and you will find an overview of the frequently asked questions about .nl domain names.

Good domain name

Hundreds of .nl domain registrations take place every day, making the .nl domain name one of the most popular country domain names in the world. To be found well, it is important to think about an appealing and well-remembered domain name. A short domain name will be better remembered than a too long name. Too many hyphens (minus signs) in a domain name can lead to confusion. And a speaking name that matches the subject of the website is generally better remembered. Have you come up with a good name? Check and register your .nl domain name today.

Check & register your .nl domain name

At Serverion you can check and register your desired .nl domain name online in a few minutes. You enter the domain name you want to register in the checkbox. Our system checks the availability of all extensions for the domain name you entered. You can then register the domain name immediately. Never has domain registration been so easy, you enter your details online, so that paper contracts are a thing of the past. Quickly check if your desired .nl domain name is still available and register it today.

Email and web hosting for your .nl domain name

With your .nl domain registration you are the legal holder of the domain name for the agreed contract period. To prevent your .nl domain name from being available after that period, your .nl domain registration is automatically extended by Serverion. But only with the domain registration of a .nl domain name you are not there yet. Because what do you want to do with your Dutch domain name? Send and receive e-mail under your .nl domain name? Expand your business exposure online through a website? Serverion has the right web hosting and e-mail solutions for you that you can quickly get started with your .nl domain.

Forwarding and managing your .nl domain name

In addition to web hosting and e-mail packages, Serverion offers various options for managing your .nl domain name yourself. With the free Domain Name Forwarding service (linking, forwarding, redirecting) you automatically redirect visitors to your domain name to another domain name or IP address. You also have the option of forwarding your e-mail to a different e-mail address. Do you have multiple domain names and do you want to manage the DNS settings of your domain names registered with Serverion? Then free DNS management is ideal. You can arrange this via the online customer portal Serverion.

Moving .nl domain names to Serverion

Have you registered your .nl domain name with another provider and do you want to transfer your .nl domain to Serverion? You can request the transfer of .nl domain names via our relocation page. Fill in all details correctly on this page. You will receive an e-mail from us with further instructions. Then enter your token via our control panel. You will receive this token from your current provider after canceling your .nl domain name. If all information is entered correctly, including the token in our control panel, we will send your request to SIDN and your .nl domain name will be moved immediately. You will automatically receive an e-mail message.

Moving away from .nl domain names

Have you arranged your .nl domain registration via Serverion and do you want to transfer your .nl domain name to another provider? With a road transfer you cancel your .nl domain name via our control panel. You will receive a confirmation of the cancellation of your .nl domain name by e-mail. We will send you the token in a separate e-mail. You must pass this token on to your new provider, so that he can initiate the transfer of your .nl domain name.

Register multiple extensions

In addition to a .nl domain registration, you can also register other domains with Serverion. A domain extension refers to a country, such as .nl stands for the Netherlands, .be for Belgium and .de for Germany. Another group are the general extensions that are registered for commercial websites (.com, .net and .biz) and non-profit organizations (.eu, .org and .info). You can find a list of all possible extensions that you can register via Serverion on the ‘Domain name prices’ page.

Serverion, your party for .nl domain registrations

Serverion is an official registrar to arrange your Dutch .nl domain registration at SIDN. With the registration of a .nl domain name you are the legal holder of the .nl domain and you have plenty of options to do something with your .nl domain name. From e-mail to web hosting and managing your .nl domain name. Check today if your desired .nl domain is free and register your domain name with Serverion.