Compare Magento hosting, so many options, so many opportunities.

Compare and choose Magento hosting in a sea of ​​possibilities

Compare Magento hosting? For a good start, you first have to compare Magento hosting.

Compare Magento hosting and discover what suits you best!


Choosing the right Magento hosting is not easy. There are so many options, the market is growing and growing. In addition to existing hosting providers, new providers are popping up like mushrooms. That is why comparing Magento hosting with each other is so important. But how do you do such a thing in a sea of ​​possibilities?

The best way to start comparing Magento hosting is to know what you want. Therefore, before you start your search, decide what you expect when you compare Magento hosting.

When comparing Magento hosting, know that there are two types of website performance. Real and perceived website performance and both are very important.

Real performance is more important for search engine robots such as Google Crawler, because they measure the technical parameters of your website such as the speed at which the server responds etc.

Compare Magento hosting helps you to find a good web hosting provider. A bad host can mess up your credit with Google and other major search engines.

The observed performance is the measure of how quickly people “think” that your website is. So not the effective time, but the emotional time. You may feel something lightning fast or painfully slow. If you want a website to feel fast, you have to optimize it. Compare Magento hosting gives you the chance to search for a customized host for your Magento website.

Comparing Magento hosting is knowing and understanding what types of hosting exist: Shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting. We will not go into the details here, but explain which type is good for whom.

Shared hosting is especially suitable for people who only want to get their feet wet, or do not want to invest too much money. If you have between 10 and 50 orders per day, then VPS is enough for you. If you have more than 50 orders per day and money is no problem, choose Dedicated hosting. Finally, there is Cloud hosting. This only makes sense if you have at least 100 orders per day. With Cloud hosting you don’t have to pay for unused hardware with a payment plan that is different with every provider. Again, you can compare Magento hosting to discover what suits you best.

There are providers who help you with setting up and starting your website and that is great. But more important than this support, when comparing Magento hosting, is to find a hosting provider that you can go to for help on a daily basis. Because anything can happen after you have started. It is therefore better to look for a reliable and experienced team of hosting providers, so that you can be helped if something goes wrong. Maybe that doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, you’re happy to fall back on this team.

Backups are important, so when comparing Magento hosting, pay attention to what kind of backups are offered, how often they are made and whether there is a recovery strategy, how they protect their website against viruses etc. Set all important questions and view the reviews. Do not go for the lowest price when comparing Magento hosting, because then something has been cut. Check whether your hosting provider offers you the guarantee for proper payment processing. People share their credit card details with you, so you are responsible for it.