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Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure is one of the most powerful public cloud platforms on the market, but has its resources limitations. Microsoft Azure Stack allows you to utilize the full functionality of Azure, with the added benefit of powerful dedicated resources in your own environment. With Microsoft Azure Stack, data location rules are no longer an obstacle, since you know exactly where your data and workloads are hosted.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can help you transfer your workloads to the right technology using Microsoft Azure Stack. With an extensive set of platform services and consistent DevOps tools for all Azure platforms, your development team can build applications that can be easily deployed and scaled up. Thanks to the familiar Azure environment, your teams can start using it immediately and your company can work even more flexibly.

Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure: Public Cloud

Microsoft Azure Public Cloud offers extensive possibilities for developers and IT professionals to build, implement and manage applications in the global network of data centers. You no longer need upfront investments in hardware, you save on maintenance and pay for use.

  • Azure Cloud Servers – Fast and scalable cloud servers
  • Managed Azure – Azure with support from Serverion
  • Azure Backup – Reliable cloud backup solution
  • Azure Storage – Secure and scalable storage services
  • Azure Cloud – Cost effective alternative solution
  • Azure SQL Server Stretch Database – Decide for yourself where your data is

The Microsoft Azure public cloud offers companies many advantages. No more upfront investments in hardware are needed, you save on maintenance and implement IT solutions at lightning speed. Data within Azure Public Cloud can be stored worldwide.

On the basis of laws and regulations it is sometimes required to save the data at a specific location. Thanks to Azure Stack it is possible to determine where your (privacy sensitive) data is located and at the same time you retain the flexibility and benefits of public cloud solutions.

Microsoft Azure Stack: Private and Hybrid Cloud

You want all the benefits of the public cloud, but you decide for yourself where the data is. With Azure Stack as a Service from Serverion you use the scalability and cost saving of Azure, you develop applications in a uniform manner and you keep control over the location of your data.

You share a Stack with others or use it for yourself alone. And the management? You leave that to our Azure experts or you take Azure Stack unmanaged as IaaS. Use Azure and Azure Stack the way you want and keep the focus on your own business.

  • Combine the services of the public cloud with the hosted cloud
  • Develop and roll out applications once in Azure and / or Azure Stack
  • Determine yourself where (privacy-sensitive) data is and comply with laws and regulations
  • Use the global capacity of the public cloud for computing power

Azure Stack is the first true hybrid cloud solution that combines data location and security control with the convenience, scalability, and flexibility of Microsoft’s Azure Public. All the benefits of Azure, but in your own data center.

With Microsoft Azure Stack; you only have to develop apps once, you are always guaranteed a fast connection and privacy sensitive data is securely protected all covered with the support of Serverion.

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Managed Microsoft Azure Services


PaaS Solutions

Microsoft Azure offers an extensive set of Platform as a Service (PaaS) functions that enable your company to work more efficiently and flexibly. Some examples of these performance enhancing functions are Service Fabric, container services and SQL databases.


Data Location

By hosting Microsoft Azure Stack at our datacenters, you know for sure where your data is and that it is secure. Our data centers are certified by independent parties and have extensive security resources. We strive for full compliance with the GDPR (AVG), so that your solution always meets the most recent requirements.


Dedicated Resources

Microsoft Azure Stack uses powerful dedicated resources that are exclusively used for your processes and workloads. This ensures that your crucial applications always work at the optimum speed.


Hybrid Cloud Ready

Our Microsoft Azure Stack Private Cloud solution is consistent across Azure platforms. Test and develop your applications in Azure Stack and implement completed workloads in Azure for unrivaled flexibility and control.

Microsoft Azure

By Azure we mean in the IT world: the public cloud platform from Microsoft. When organizations subscribe to Azure services, they can use the services that Microsoft offers on that platform. These services are usually charged on a monthly basis according to usage.

Your data and servers are moved to Microsoft data centers, so you no longer have to worry about the security and management of the physical layer in the data center, such as servers, network connections, cooling, etc.

As a Gold Microsoft Partner, Serverion offers Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Stack services as well, hosted on the trusted and secure platform of Serverion in her own datacenter.

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