Serverion Mirror Service

Serverion is official download mirror for the following platforms and OpenSource software. This mirror is located at The Hague, The Netherlands and is running on a 10GE connection with 50 TB storage This service is available over http, https, ftp and rsync on both IPv4 and IPv6.

HTTP [http://mirror.serverion.com]
HTTPS [https://mirror.serverion.com]
FTP [ftp://mirror.serverion.com]
RSYNC [rsync://mirror.serverion.com]

If you have any issues or comments or you wish to supply your software to our mirror, please contact the admins via e-mail at info@serverion.com.

Official Mirror

Serverion supports OpenSource software.

10 Gbit /sec connection

Serverion supplies a 10 Gbit uplink connection.