When do I need hosting and how should I compare hosting?

Compare different types of hosting with each other

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Compare hosting, discover which hosting suits you best

If you want to set up a website or email with your own domain name, you need hosting. Hosting is renting storage space, memory and computing power from a server at a web host. This ensures that your website and e-mail address continue to work through updates.

There are different types of hosting, so it is important that you compare hosting types before taking a web host. Let’s compare different types of hosting with each other.

  • Shared Hosting is the most common form. Hereby you share the server with other customers. As a result, the monthly costs are low.
  • With Managed hosting the maintenance of the hosting is provided by the web host. So you don’t have to worry about it yourself.
  • Reseller hosting is hosting where you rent a virtual server (US) and can in turn offer hosting to customers.
  • VPS hosting stands for Virtual Privat Server. A super fast server where you don’t have to share anything with other customers, everything from this server, such as the computing power and the like, is all yours.

After the hosting comparison, the hosting comes to choose. Which hosting is suitable for you?

Shared hosting is cheap and good enough for starting websites that are not visited that often and therefore do not need that much computing power.

If you work with WordPress, you do not know much about things and you do not have time for maintenance and updating, choose Managed WordPress hosting. If you want to sell web hosting to your own customers or host multiple websites, then you better choose Reseller hosting. Choose VPS hosting if you do not want to be bothered by others on the platform.

When hosting compares, people search the most for cheap web hosting. Nobody wants to pay too much. Yet this is not the most important thing to look for when hosting compares. The technology has not stood still and has progressed enormously fast. As a result, web hosts can offer cheaper and cheaper writing space and data traffic. Like more expensive hosting, cheap hosting is no better or worse. There are a number of things to look out for when you compare hosting.

If you are going to start comparing web hosting, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the website of the web host clear, does it all look professional?
  • Can you easily find everything on that website, prices, terms and conditions?
  • How quickly will an e-mail be responded to?
  • Is the support good, the service?

There are also a number of specifications that you should pay attention to when hosting compare. For example, how much writing space you need. Among other things, photos and videos take up a lot of space. Think carefully about this when comparing hosting. If you want to add disk space later, it will undoubtedly cost you extra.

When hosting comparing, take into account the amount of data traffic (MB) required for your website. Data traffic is consumed by visitors when they, for example, download images. It is important to have enough MB available so that you do not overwrite the data traffic. This may entail additional costs or you must purchase a more expensive package.

A database system related to the internet is MySQL. SQL is a language for building the database and important if you have a guestbook for example. When hosting a comparison you have to take into account how many databases you need.

Enough material to think about and take into account. Do you have any questions about hosting after reading this article or do you want to compare the prices of our hosting? Please contact us and we will be happy to provide professional explanation and advice.