On average, how much do you pay for website hosting costs?

Website hosting costs depend on the options you choose

Low website hosting costs can end up costing you later!

Website hosting costs: the options you choose determine the price of the website hosting costs.

The website hosting costs that you face when starting a website vary per person and depend on several factors. Would you rather pay a little more for a higher quality or would you rather pay a little less in exchange for a poorer quality?

For a hosting package of average quality, website hosting costs are around € 5 per month. Do you prefer a good hosting package? Then the average website hosting costs are around € 10 to € 15 per month. With a budget provider you can take out hosting packages for around € 3 per month and with a top quality provider you can easily lose more than € 20 per month. When choosing the amount of website hosting costs that you are willing to pay, it often also applies that cheap is often expensive.

With a host from € 10 per month, you are in the right place for a starting website. But before you make a choice in the price, it is best to first consider the features of the hosting packages. Cutting back on website hosting costs can be very expensive in the long term. The costs vary based on the type of hosting you choose.

Shared hosting is the cheapest form of website hosting, VPS is in the middle and dedicated hosting is the most expensive form of hosting. Cheaper website hosting is usually fine for the starter. But do you take into account minimal support with technical questions. If you opt for higher website hosting costs, you can count on a faster, more secure website, where you will be less often bothered by down-time, you will receive an SSL certificate and you can count on excellent support when you have questions. More expensive website hosting also often comes with a number of other useful features, which in the long term can sometimes save you money.

From a hosting service you can expect at least that it comes with at least 500 MB of disk space (if you expect to have many pages, you naturally also need more disk space), about 2 GB of data traffic, that there are daily automatic backups and that the security is good.

Free hosting

Free hosting providers often place banner ads on your site and your site can suddenly go offline. There are no guarantees for uptime. With free hosting, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Providers of free website hosting often earn their money in a different way, for example by means of banners ad on your website.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting means that you share your hosting space with other users on the same server. Your hosting provider determines how many people are connected per server. This means that when there are many active accounts on your server, this will be at the expense of the performance of your website. After all, you share the server performance. The website hosting costs of shared hosting are the lowest compared to the other forms of hosting.

VPS hosting

With VPS hosting it looks like you have your own server, while in reality this is not the case. A VPS hosting provider offers the same flexibility and functions as a dedicated server, but is often limited in memory and storage. This type of hosting requires that you know what you are doing, because you are responsible for server configurations. VPS hosting is intended for more active websites with more data traffic. You can expect a higher uptime guarantee and more support. The website hosting costs for VPS hosting are between the costs of shared and dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting

With this form of hosting you have your own server of which you are the only user. For this type of hosting you must be aware of server management, because you are responsible for this. This form of hosting is suitable for large websites and the website hosting costs are the highest for this. Either way, you need web hosting for a website. Website hosting costs are very different and very dependent on the options you need. Don’t forget to pay attention to hidden costs. A plan often seems cheap in the beginning, but a cheap hosting plan can still cost you a lot of money later.