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What is WordPress and how can you find WordPress hosting cheaply?

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Get WordPress hosting cheap, what is hosting and how does WordPress hosting work, we will briefly address these questions in the article below.

Maybe you have already heard of WordPress hosting, maybe not. In short, WordPress is a Content Management system (CMS). Explained a little longer, but also a bit simpler, it is a program that you can use to build a website, blog or webshop or even to create apps and which is of course also very important to maintain. A lot of people make use of this, the ordinary person for personal blogs, but also, for example, large news sites. Thanks to the more than 45,000 plug-ins that add all kinds of functions to your site, WordPress has many options. For example, you can create photo albums, mailing lists, … thanks to WordPress hosting cheap or more expensive, your WordPress site gets a boost and you can grow without worries.

Just a word of explanation about hosting and then see how you can find WordPress hosting cheaply. Web hosting is, to explain it simply, renting storage space, computing power and memory from a server (a powerful PC) with a web host. You will need this if you want to create a website or use an email address with your own domain name.

When we talk about cheap WordPress hosting, it is good to know that there are different types of hosting. This way you have the most common “shared web hosting”. M.a.w. you share the server with others, so the costs are very low. Reseller hosting is another form. With this you rent a virtual server (US) and you can offer hosting yourself to others. And there is VPS hosting with which you can rent a Virtual Private Server that is very fast. You can have multiple websites on it. Purchase important information about WordPress hosting cheaply.

Obtaining WordPress hosting cheaply is possible. WordPress is a light software, and does not need much. What you need is at least PHP version 5.2.4 or higher. PHP is a Hypertext preprocessor, a flexible scripting language that ensures that certain activities are carried out, one of the building blocks of the ww.w. You must also be able to create a MySQL database. MySQL database is an internet-related database system, of which you need at least version 5.0 or higher.
To purchase WordPress hosting cheaply, you can start with a shared hosting package. As mentioned above, you then share the server with multiple websites. You will receive a separate piece where only you can arrive.
Normal WordPress hosting cheap packages can be installed with 1 click. This is for people who don’t mind installing WordPress themselves and figuring things out for themselves.

WordPress hosting cheap with WordPress support on a normal server and where the installation is done for you, is a package that you can purchase from different hosting companies. Here you leave the difficult things to an expert and you get support if you cannot solve it.

With us you can already get WordPress hosting cheaply at € 2.50 to € 15 per month. The difference lies in the web space, data traffic, number of websites, etc. The installation is done with 1 click, you have unlimited mailboxes, antispam, antivirus, direct admin and all invoicing is done annually with all packages. You get full support on WordPress and most plug-ins.