Why and how to compare WordPress hosting?

Does it tickle, do you want to start? First compare WordPress hosting!

With WordPress hosting comparing you make a well-considered choice!

Do you want to create your own blog or maybe even a website, or both? Comparing WordPress hosting is a good start. There are so many options and the difference between good and bad web hosting can make a world of difference for a successful WordPress blog or website.

Comparing WordPress hosting starts with looking at the quality of the hosting because, for example, that depends on the fast loading time for the visitors to your site or blog. You should certainly not underestimate this. Users of the internet don’t like to wait and when they are gone, you lose them. Also important to watch out for when comparing WordPress hosting is the service that is provided if problems arise. Is it responded quickly? Are they easily accessible? If this is not the case, you can lose your visitors, your place in search engines and, of course, turn around and you are not waiting for that.

Comparing WordPress hosting means you have to pay attention to what these webhosters offer in their packages. Hosting packages must be able to run on WordPress, which means that they must be able to create a MySQL database and have a version of 5.0 or higher for this, a PHP version of 5.2.4 or higher and also wise, although not required, is an Apache mod_rewrite module.

When comparing WordPress hosting you have to think about which package suits you best. If it is your first website or blog and you do not have any experience, it is best to take out a package where you can immediately use your website or blog. If you already have more experience, you can opt for a normal hosting package where you have to install it yourself. When comparing WordPress hosting, you will discover that most normal hosting packages with WordPress generally have the 1-click installation. Here you go through all the steps of a WordPress installation, data, website name, administrator, … but otherwise you do not have to worry about anything.

Of course, when WordPress hosting compares, the question also arises whether you are going to use the website personally or for your business, and much also depends on what you want to put on it. Do you need a lot of writing space because you want to place photos or is it a lot of text that requires much less. Do you need one domain or several? If you need several, or maybe in the future, then you have to compare hosting with WordPress, look for a package where you can manage multiple domains. Because such a package is cheaper than if you have to purchase a separate package for each website.

On the world wide web you will find enough information to make comparing WordPress hosting easier. There are masses of web hosting providers and therefore something for everyone.
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